Łukowicz-Service was established in 2003, and from the very beginning it maintained a close cooperation with J. Pilsudski Gdańsk Shiprepair Yard "Remontowa" S.A. within the scope of cleaning and washing of tanks of the ships undergoing repairs at the shipyard. Over more than 10 years of our existence we have been extending our services.


For the industry

Industrial Cleaning

As our Customers, you can also rely on us with regard to waste handling, both in the course of providing our services and afterwards, since all waste material goes into disposal in accordance with the relevant and applicable procedures and the Polish legal regulations in force. more

Boiler Cleaning

We have a highly specialised department which deals with removal of sediments from boilers (auxiliary, waste heat boilers) and pipe installations. more

Envirnomental Emergency Services

In mid-2014 we started a new type of service related to environmental emergency services. These services are intended to lower or eliminate the threats posed to humans, animals, natural environment and property caused by hazardous substances. more

Equipment Rental

We also provide equipment rental services. Select a category to see more details. more



Learn more by clicking the “rigth” tab. more

Film (Covering)

At the beginning of 2014, we extended our services to include a modern technique of film wrapping for scaffoldings and other structures. more

Latest projects

Federal MacKinac
Federal MacKinac

Cleaning of a ballast installation of the unit.
Ballast water reservoirs and filling system became contaminated with heavy fuel as a result of a failure.
Both hydro-dynamic and chemical cleaning were used.

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