Envirnomental Emergency Services

In mid-2014 we started a new type of service related to environmental emergency services. These services are intended to lower or eliminate the threats posed to humans, animals, natural environment and property caused by hazardous substances.

In short, the Łukowicz-Service Environmental Emergency Services deal with removal of oil spillages, e.g. from paved roads or the ground, caused by unexpected road incidents, industrial failures and other accidents.

The basic scope of actions of Łukowicz Environmental Emergency Services

Emergency tasks which we undertake are mostly consistent with those provided for basic level emergency units.

  1. Investigation and securing of the scene, and designation of the danger zone.
  2. Attempt to identify the threat from information sources, such as drivers, guards, engineers, facility personnel; marking of vehicles and packaging, shipping documents, technical documentation, emergency plans, etc.
  3. Evacuation of the victims and vulnerable people and animals out of the danger zone.
  4. Warning and alarming about the threat, and notifying about the rules of proper conduct to be followed.
  5. Taking measurements using the available instruments.
  6. Restricting the effects of oil spillages, e.g. by setting up barriers made of natural sorbents.
  7. Qualified first aid outside the danger zone.
  8. Cooperation with rescue units.
  9. Other activities, depending on expertise and owned equipment, within the given field related to hazardous waste.Preparation of the relevant documents after a completed rescue operation.
  • pumping the liquid waste,
  • pumping the liquid waste,
  • transport to waste disposal.
  1. Preparation of the relevant documents after a completed rescue operation.

The Łukowicz-Service Environmental Emergency Services have several trucks with waste removal tanks and high pressure washers. In addition, our personnel is qualified in the field of securing spillages and cleaning contaminated surfaces with chemical compounds. If necessary, we have various kinds of sorbents and state-of-the-art biodegradable chemicals for cleaning and removal of oil products.