Our Team

Most of our staff are professionals with many years of experience both in industrial cleaning as well as transport and boiler cleaning services.

We also have water and sewage specialises working for us.

Our Team consists of several dozen permanent Employees decided into several Operational Groups. Each of these always includes a certified Leader. Some of our Employees have experience which they gained while carrying our cleaning or scaffolding works on polish oil platforms owned by the LOTOS S.A. Capital Group.

We also have a Team designated for international tasks, with Vgm Checklist Aannemers Basic certificates and with one Employee with a version which permits work supervision, i.e. VOL. They also competed an Individual Emergency Techniques course, in accordance with the requirements of Regulation VI/1 of the STCW Convention.

We also have a Team of several forklift truck operators with qualifications for all types of trucks, who constantly work on a “rental” basis.

Our truck drivers have valid licences for driving with both cisterns, as well as goods trailers and hooklifts.

The vast majority of our Employees (more than 30 people) have also signaller and hooklift operator qualifications.