In response to the high demand for scaffolding work at the Gdańsk Shiprepair Yard, a Company called Łukowicz-Rusztowania Angelika Łukowicz was established. Construction of scaffoldings in the shipyard environment proved to be the quickest and the most efficient way to learn for both the scaffolding installers and the rest of the company. As we gained more experience and acquired more equipment, we started offering our services outside the shipyard as well.

We have many years of experience in the shipyard market owing to our cooperation with the Gdańsk Shiprepair Yard.

Thanks to our good reputation, stemming from quick completion, quality of scaffoldings and stringent safety standards, we became one of the key contractors of scaffoldings for Lotos as part of the 10+ project. Our cooperation with Lotos also brought us more projects for subsidiaries and Lotos Petrobaltic (construction of scaffoldings at sea). 

Currently, more than 30 of our Employees provide services for shipbuilding and industrial companies in the whole EU.

The total volume of our scaffoldings as of now has exceeded 30,000 cubic metres and keeps growing.


  • construction and disassembly of scaffoldings,
  • rental of scaffoldings,
  • services provided in Poland and abroad.

Scaffolding system:

  • Layer Allround and Blitz,
  • over 60 years of experience,
  • used worldwide,
  • designed for demanding customers,
  • all the certificates required by the European Union,
  • one of the most durable and safest systems on the market.