Film (Covering)

At the beginning of 2014, we extended our services to include a modern technique of film wrapping for scaffoldings and other structures. Tufocoat is a heat shrinkable film for scaffoldings and more. Tufocoat shrinks after heating, which makes it tight like a drum skin; it is permanently attached under the roof and sides of scaffolding structures. There are no openings or slits, typical for traditional facade systems.

Tufocoat, the heat shrinkable film, is recommended for projects where high degree of protection against weather conditions is required or there is risk of environmental damage.

By creating a “drum skin” and a covering which is resistant to tearing, Tufcoat is capable of besting even the most unfavourable weather conditions, eliminating the problem of disconnecting the sheets and emergency repairs.

Whenever it is necessary to gain access through the film surface, e.g. to take some items from behind it, Tufocoat can be cut and ten re-connected, retaining its 100% durability.

Tufcoat has the ISO 9001 Certificate.

The main advantages are:

  • high flexibility – irregularly shaped objects can now be secured easily;
  • tightness of the covering – the stored items are secured;
  • significantly reduced costs of “heating” the scaffoldings;
  • environmentally friendly” protection against pollutants escaping into the atmosphere, e.g. from paints, sandblasting, etc.
  • ease of making any changes, such as adding or patching an opening.
  • in the case of non-flammable film wrappings – fire safety.