Our Team

The Łukowicz-Service Ireneusz Łukowicz Company has an ongoing cooperation with Łukowicz-Rusztowania Angelika Łukowicz.

The Łukowicz-Rusztowania Angelika Łukowicz Company focuses on experienced scaffolding technicians. It ultimately aims to employ installers only. As of now, the majority of Employees are installers holding appropriate national qualifications. In connection with the further dynamic growth within this field, we also employ several helpers, who are gathering the necessary experience before taking the exam for independent scaffolding technicians.

At the beginning of February 2015, we have established a close cooperation with the "NAUTA" S.A. Repair Yard.

In the scaffolding section, similarly to the tank and boiler cleaning operations, there are more than ten people divided into smaller Teams of several people, which also always include a certified Leader.

The Film Wrapping Department is currently composed of two Employee who completed their training in the United Kingdom. Additionally, there are several Employees in Poland who have been trained in this respect.